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Production plant in the countryside

The Padua-based company “P” needed to protect the security of its assets from theft or vandalism in an innovative and reliable way by replacing an old system. Its production facility had many critical issues:

  • A large outdoor area with a not so high fence;
  • The presence of several access points, including one with a barrier;
  • Its location in open countryside, with the frequent passage of stray animals or trees moving in the wind;
  • The presence of vehicle movement and goods storage areas, where people and vehicles are often present.

The solution based on D‑Pulse technology combined with the PROXIMA control unit and e-Vision Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras perfectly met the client's security requirements. Artificial intelligence cameras with licence plate reading have been installed at barrier entrances. If the licence plate is included on the list of employees or company vans, then the barrier automatically rises and a luminous panel indicates the designated parking area. In the outdoor goods handling area, artificial intelligence cameras with specific people/vehicle classification functions have been installed. As soon as they detect the presence of people outside the designated pedestrian path, a voice message is triggered via the LEDAVOX siren, warning of the danger and inviting the person to return to the safe path.

As for the outdoor area and the fence, where stray animals often pass through or the wind lashes ornamental plants, the number of false alarms occurring with the previous third-party intrusion detection system has been entirely eliminated. AI cameras can distinguish an animal from a person, even if on all fours. Lastly, inside the company premises, a good combination of intrusion detection sensors and AI cameras placed in strategic areas guarantees total protection. All this is easily managed by a PRX256 control unit, which can handle 256 inputs and up to 64 D-Pulse devices.

Chain of shops

In 2019, the chain of shops “E” successfully installed PROXIMA control units in all its shops for protection against theft at night, and an e-Vision video surveillance system for 24-hour monitoring. In 2021, it was evident that the security level needed to be raised even further in specific locations such as the checkout area, the loading and unloading door and the emergency doors.

There were cases of customers escaping through these doors with unpaid goods during the opening hours of the premises. The required implementation was relatively easy due to the installation of only one device per shop: AI16UNIT. It was only necessary to update the firmware of the existing control units to make them compatible with the D-Pulse function and connect them to the AI16UNIT unit, which enabled the Artificial Intelligence functions on each video channel protecting sensitive areas. The IP cameras already installed in 2019 were left unchanged and no maintenance work or new wiring was required.

Thanks to the line-crossing function (virtually created during configuration of the AI16UNIT module), attempts at shoplifting can be identified, also based on time slots.

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