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PREGIO series is the new EL.MO. wired/wireless intrusion detection control units series, developed upon an innovative structure and open to the future scenarios and technologies. The control units are based on integration principle with the GSM, LTE, LAN, NTP and PSTN Plug&Play modules of the Villeggio system.


PREGIO control units are based on a modular structure. Indeed it is able to integrate Plug&Play components that allow to extend its functions.

Possibility of wireless connection

PREGIO are wired/wireless control units with 8 on board inputs (16 with split function) expandable to 24 (PREGIO500), 48 (PREGIO1000) or 104 (PREGIO2000) using RIVER concentrators or GATEWAY2K.

Attention to the environment

PREGIO is a “green” control unit with power and battery consumption equal to one fifth of old generation control units.

Made in Italy

In addition to the intrinsic high technology, another aspect determines the qualitative profile of PREGIO: the all-Italian conception, design and production.

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