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PROXIMA series

With the PROXIMA series, EL.MO. is rewriting the rulebook for professional intrusiondetection control units designed for complex systems. Based on a SOM platform with Real-Time operating system, PROXIMA-series control units stand out for their extreme versatility by virtue of their modular architecture and an inherent openness to both EL.MO. and third-party building automation systems.

Security and so much more

PROXIMA-series control units do not necessarily have to operate in “closed” environments or linked just to EL.MO. security devices. Their hardware and software versatility makes them a perfect candidate for integration into other building automation systems (even third-party systems). For example, they have been integrated into HSYCO, CRESTRON, PROGEA, SPEE, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and HOME PLC systems. In addition, thanks to numerous communication protocols (EL.MO. encrypted, CEI/ABI encrypted, Fast Format, ContactID, SIA DC09 encrypted), they can communicate entirely securely with remote monitoring and supervision systems, including e-Connect and GLOBALPRO.

Simplified installation and commissioning

PROXIMA has been designed to simplify the installers’job, offering valuable help at the cabling and configuration stage: inputs can be programmed via BrowserOne for different EOL configurations.

This software actually allows you to define up to 4 types of EOL configurations, which you can apply at will. This function is particularly useful when needing to integrate the control unit into an existing system that includes inputs set up for EOL resistors that are not in an EL.MO. configuration.

Resistor values can be set arbitrarily in the range 400 Ω to 12 kΩ and the software will automatically check whether the configuration is valid.

Graphic editor for creating logics

One of the most innovative aspects of the PROXIMA control units is the ability to program up to 255 logic diagrams (even complex diagrams) managed by the control units by means of a graphic editor with simulator on BrowserOne.

This editor, featuring an extremely simple and intuitive interface, exploits Drag&Drop elements and icons to create logic diagrams and structure automated systems that prove very useful in the management of large buildings.

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